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    So what's all this?

 is the virtual storefront of Neko-jin Designs, a traveling duo of queer artists that frequently vend anime, gaming, and gay pride events throughout the United States. As we're based in New England, most of the shows we attend are on the East Coast, though we have been known to go as far out as Iowa and California--look for us in the dealer's room!

 was made available for our interested and loyal customers who can't make it to the conventions and events in which we're vendors; however, it is not our primary sales venue. With that said, we try to keep it respectably filled. Most of our designer items are made in very small batches and can sell out very quickly at the shows we do. We make an active effort to have the website as up-to-date as possible to reflect that. Our inventory changes very rapidly and we encourage those interested in items on the website to purchase them sooner, rather than later, as each item is handmade and may never be replicated in quite the same way again. Why not browse around and see what's new?
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  • Last Updated: December 12th, 2013

    Upcoming Conventions

    SnowCon: Orono, ME : Jan. 17 - 19 (pending)
    OhayoCon: Columbus, OH : Jan. 24 - 26
    Queen City Kamikaze: Manchester, NH : Feb. 15
    Genericon: Troy, NY : Feb. 28 - Mar. 2

    The items for purchase on are only a sampling of the hundreds of nifty things we create on a daily basis! For our best selection, you can catch us at any of the above conventions. Stop by, say hello, and be embraced by all the cute you can handle!